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09.04.2015 New Update of the Prism2 software

New Prism2.6 version is here! Key feature of new version is the ability to work with large profiles (larger than 80000 traces)! You can update your old ...

10.10.2014 - New Python3 video

  You can find this and other videos here and on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEw0IWYCydD4vURcvwIH6OA ...

01.10.2014 - New cart for 500/900 MHz antenna

New ultra light weight shockproof cart, specialy designed for shielded antennas 500/900 MHz antenna unit for underground utilities detection. All ...

29.07.2014 - New car trailer for 1.0 GHz antenna unit

New car trailer with built-in odometer wheel, specialy designed for shielded air launched 1.0 GHz antenna unit for roads investigation. All detailed information ...

10.07.2014 - New 1.5 GHz antenna unit

Improved Shielded 1.5 GHz antenna unit with built-in odometer wheel has folowing features: 1. Operating frequency 1.5 GHz 2. Built-in odometer wheel 3. Strong, ...

14.06.2012 - New Python-3 GPR

Newly developed deep survey (up to 50 m in favorable ground) Python-3 GPR system has folowing features: 1. Low frequency operating range (100/50/38/25 MHz) 2. Built-in ...