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ZondCarryon 500A GPR


  • Number of channels: 2
  • Frequency: 500 MHz
  • Performance: Single-unit GPR with buil-in 500A antenna
  • The time range: user selected from 1 to 2000 ns with 1 ns step
  • Frequency of pulse repetition of transmitter: 82 KHz
  • Scan rate: 320/160/80/40 scans per second
  • Samples per scan: 128/256/512/1024 x 16 bit
  • Filters: user selected high pass filter from set: Weak, Strong, Super strong, Customized digital filter
  • Data transmission: through Wi-Fi or Ethernet to PC
  • Input power: 10.5-13 V DC 0.6 A (build-in rechargeable battery)
  • Dimension: 50x30x15.5 cm or 49x41x21 cm in protective case
  • Weight: 3 kg or 7.5 kg in protective case
  • Receiver sensitivity: 120 mcV
  • Receiver gain: 10 dB
  • Transmitter output: 150 V
  • Resolution and depth: 0.4 x 5-7 m*




ZondCarryon is a light weight single-unit GPR, specially designed for portable solutions. Device could be used as the standalone on-board equipment with the powering from external source and Ethernat cable connection or inside of the fully protective waterproof case with its own built-in Lithium-Ion battery and Wi-Fi.

The user is getting a real-time information as a radiolocation profile (sometimes also referred to as radargram). Data are recorded on a hard disc for further use (processing, printout, interpretation, etc.) at the same time. You will see examples of radiolocation profiles here...

ZondCarryon has a built-in 500A antenna for single or dual channel operation on the different time ranges.

All georadar parameters are computer controlled, therefore many hardware operation features are described here...

* Relationship between resolution and sounding depth is assumed that sounding is made in a soil whose relative dielectric permittivity is equal to 4 and specific attenuation is 1 to 2 dB/m. Depth of investigation is understood to be detection depth of a flat boundary with reflectance equal to 1. Note that these data are rather approximate and are strongly dependent on parameters of the environment sounded.