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Prism2 software

Prism2 software is designed for georadar parameter control, sounding data reception with simultaneous computer display and hard disc file record as well as for file processing and printout.


System Requirements:
- Windows 7/8/10/11
- CPU Core i3
- 4 GB RAM
- Ethernet 10/100 BaseT or WiFi card 

The interface language (English, Chinese, German, Dutch, Korean or Russian) is chosen by an userand at any time.


All of the georadar parameters (except the on/off function) are controlled via a computer which facilitates operation of the hardware. In the course of tuning the radar and performing the sounding, the software outputs error messages if parameter settings are incorrect, and suggests proper steps to be taken. Useful keyboard-oriented interface for georadar management and data acquisition. You don't need touch mouse (trackball, touchpad...) on your Notebook when work in field condition.

Georadar data reception may be performed continuously (basic mode) or with stepped stacking. The continuous reception mode enables maximum spatial (horizontal) resolution. Stepped stacking is used to achieve possible maximum sounding depth and to solve special tasks (tomography, etc.) while requiring a longer sounding time.

To locate a sounding profile obtained, the operator may press a pushbutton to input the so-called 'marks' when passing through stations or any reference points. These marks will be displayed on the profile as vertical lines with respective numbers at the top. Upon completion of the sounding (or any time later), it is possible to input a text comment into the file to indicate the sounding area, the sounding target, and the like.



  • Colored or grayscale acquisition mode
  • Continuous profile or stepped mode
  • Digital gain function applying
  • Record of current coordinates from GPS receiver in NMEA-0183 format with a real-time GPS Tracking possibility
  • Distance measurement from wheel and real-time wheel X-interpolation



  • user selected color or grey scale line scan, wiggle plot
  • integrated multi-windows environment
  • user-friendly interface
  • Different data formats: SEG-Y, Radar Systems
  • spectra calculations in arbitrary windows
  • output to printer supported by Windows
  • velocities and depth evaluation via diffracting options
  • 10 point digital gain function
  • GPS Tracker tool for GPS coordinates
  • Stepped Zoom In & Zoom Out
  • Unlimited Undo & Redo functions for a data processing
  • Export to Bitmap & JPEG possibilities
  • Hodograph calculations



  • frequency bandpass filters
  • efficient amplitude correction
  • migration & envelope
  • topography
  • x-interpolation

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Prism2 screenshots: