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150-75-38 MHz antenna system, dipole, unshielded, air launched


  • Input power: 0.35 A @ 12 V DC by cable from control unit
  • Weight: 2 kg to 7 kg (depends on frequency)
  • Receiver sensitivity: 120 mcV
  • Receiver gain: 10 dB
  • Transmitter output: 200 V
  • Resolution and depth: 1-4 x 7-30 m* (depends on frequency)




Zond-12e GPR system unshielded air launched 150-75-38 MHz antenna system is general purpose antenna system with changeable dipols for different frequencies and possibility to work in lifted position.

* Relationship between resolution and sounding depth is assumed that sounding is made in a soil whose relative dielectric permittivity is equal to 4 and specific attenuation is 1 to 2 dB/m. Depth of investigation is understood to be detection depth of a flat boundary with reflectance equal to 1. Note that these data are rather approximate and are strongly dependent on parameters of the environment sounded.